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AWS EC2 - Domain Join RHEL7

This example shows how to join a RedHat 7 EC2 instance to an Active Directory Domain.

Enabling Windows Remote Management (WinRM) with HTTPS

Windows Remote Management is a core technology for the remote management and configuration of Windows machines.  WinRM is essential for automating complex Azure and AWS tasks.  This guide will outline how to establish WinRM using SSH and a self-signed certificate.  A certificate issued from a Certificate Authority would be preferable but for the purpose of establishing a test environment, the steps below are enough to get the technology working.

This demonstration is in three parts.

Invoking Lambda through the AWS API Gateway with PowerShell

The ability to invoke Lamda functions via REST based web API is incredibly powerful.  As the API gateway is relatively new functionality, the documentation surrounding REST requests and PowerShell is sparse with official documentation sometimes confusing and appearing to be contradictory.

The attached PowerShell routine can be used to make signed GET and POST requests to an API advertised Lambda script.

Calling PowerShell Modules with the REST / ODATA IIS Server extension (Example 2 - SSH)

To demonstrate how powerful the IIS Odata extension for PowerShell is, I’ve tweaked the SSH PowerShell module that I published previously for use with Azure Pack.  By doing so, as long as I can connect to my Windows IIS web server, I can relay SSH commands from any other physical environment.

You will need to have setup the Odata IIS server extension as described in

Calling PowerShell Modules with REST / ODATA API

For a long time now, Windows Server has come with a feature called the “Management OData IIS Server Extension”.  As technology increasingly moves toward cloud computing and Microsoft technology is congealing around PowerShell, the power of this little known feature could hardly be overstated.  Built-in to Windows is the ability to run any PowerShell module remotely via a REST / ODATA API call. 

SMA Modules: Extracted Activity Data "Empty" or Missing

Service Management Automation is young enough to have a number of quirks that can be frustrating to get around.  One surprising quirk has been with SMA Module Activity Data (i.e. functions) to not appear on all machines consistently.

SSH Module for Service Management Automation

This module is reworked from the version posted by Eamon O’Reily on the technet gallery.

An "Offline" Web Platform Installer

Microsoft’s Web Platform installer provides the ability of installing web based components onto Windows Platforms.  The technology is simple to use and works well when a machine has access to the internet.  When the machine being installed don’t have access to the internet the installer becomes a problem.

How to Cancel All Orchestrator jobs with SQL

When automated systems go wrong you may need to cancel a backlog of pending or running Orchestrator jobs directly with SQL.

For reference, the StatusId field from Orchestrator’s Job table provides the current status of the job.  These numeric represent:

0 = Pending

1 = Running

2 = Failed

3 = Cancelled

4 = Completed

The script may be run directly with SQL Management Studio.


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