Azure Script Extensions - Powershell DSC Bootstrap

Azure Script Extensions allow end-to-end provisioning of standardised machines by providing a bootstrap mechanism to start configuration.

In the examples below, I am retrieving initial bootstrap scripts from a web server located on my vNet (and addressable in DNS). 

Linux Script Extension

With Linux, I’m using the CustomScriptForLinux.

There is an issue with using your own DNS that requires the property “EnableInternalDNSCheck” to override the default behaviour.

Windows Script Extension

To be able to retrieve PowerShell and shell scripts from my internal web server, I’ve had to alter the default mime types to include .ps1 and .sh files.  This will allow the web server to present the files as plain text when requested.

My bootstrap files will enable PowerShell DSC (WMF 5 – Pull Mode) which will allow me to configure the provisioned systems further.